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Member Testimonials

Greg Smith - VP Global Compensation Policy, PepsiCo

Greg Smith
We need to make sure that we are paying people in ways that are consistent. It’s important for us to have a global perspective, rather than looking at specific jobs in specific countries.”
Greg Smith
VP Global Compensation Policy

Constantin Romanov - Director Executive Compensation, Philip Morris International

Constantin Romanov
Why don’t we do things differently?”
Constantin Romanov
Director Executive Compensation
Philip Morris International

Peter Newhouse - SVP, Global Head of Reward, Unilever

Peter Newhouse
Because it’s a pioneering tool, we get the opportunity to make what we do as professionals of reward more effective.”
Peter Newhouse
SVP, Global Head of Reward

8 Reasons
to Join

Borderless Pay Database

Benchmark executive compensation for multiple countries, regions, or the world, with the click of a mouse.

Your executives may be located in only a handful of countries, but that doesn’t stop your competition from recruiting them on a global basis.

It is no longer enough to benchmark within a single country.  To assess your competitive position across borders, multiple country-specific surveys must be purchased and normalized which is costly and time-consuming.

The Borderless database enables you to quickly assess your competitive position across international borders against the same companies. New methodologies, straightforward ways to display information, and innovative analytical tools ensure accuracy and clarity.

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Compare local, expatriate, and other unconventional pay packages (gross or net of tax).

The economic value of entire packages needs to be compared, not just basic components.
Expatriate pay elements can no longer be ignored.  Between 25-30% of top executives are on expatriate, or “non-local,” packages that are excluded from conventional surveys.
The Borderless database includes all types of pay packages including Base Salary, Short-Term Incentives, Long-Term Incentives, and Mobility elements.  Whether you have many or just a few expatriates, the Borderless database enables you to assess your market position including or excluding expatriates and/or mobility allowances. 

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Assess executive roles, even if they don’t match standard jobs.

With regionally-based jobs and multiple functions, it’s increasingly difficult to match the jobs in conventional surveys, especially those between the Executive Committee and professionals focused on a specific country.

Critical pay decisions are based on increasingly insufficient and less relevant information, i.e. a sample of jobs, rather than the entire population.
The Borderless database includes all senior employees, so you can assess your competitiveness for all jobs, even if they do not fit into roles neatly defined by level, geography, and scope.

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Make decisions quickly with up-to-date information.

Results are expected in real time with current information.

Static reports may not provide the data “cut” you need and annual updates do not reflect the latest data, interim awards, or turnover.

The Borderless database is available via a flexible, interactive, online tool and is updated in two times per year to ensure always-current information.

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Communicate complex information quickly and effectively.

The message can get lost in the data. 

Information presented to senior leadership is either insufficient or overly complicated.

The Borderless online tool has 10 dashboards with graphical displays to easily convey complex information. A picture is worth a thousand words (or numbers).  

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Have confidence in the integrity of the data.

In conventional surveys, not every submission is individually reviewed. 

Errors aren’t always caught making it difficult to have confidence in the assessments.

AIRINC’s rigorous quality assurance process includes a kick-off call to answer any questions about the data elements and how to capture any unique plans, a careful review of all of the submitted data, and a review call to clarify any questions.

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Network and collaborate with other Total Rewards Leaders.

Today’s evolving Total Rewards landscape requires innovative solutions.

Conventional networking events offer the opportunity to share ideas, but don’t result in new solutions or tools.

Members can share ideas, and discuss future enhancements at Leadership meetings hosted by the Steering Committee.  If you join now, you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback that will help shape the future development of the tool.

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Develop your staff by introducing them to new ways of thinking about Total Rewards.

Borderless benchmarking, including expatriates, and comparing all employees vs. matched jobs are new concepts.

Analysts and managers familiar with conventional benchmarking may not envision the types of questions the tool can answer and/or how to get the information out of the tool.

Online training and an annual on-site workshop ensure that your staff is getting the most value from the tool and the membership.

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Key Features

Single database

with all top critical executives regardless of country or expat status

Entire “population” of executives

not just a “sample” of matched jobs

All components of Total Rewards

(including mobility allowances)

Member-driven with a Steering Committee

Leadership meetings, workshops, and training


Transparent and consistent methodologies across borders

Two updates per year

Two updates per year to capture turnover and ensure data is less than six months old

Powerful Graphical Tools

Powerful Graphical Tools present the data in a visually compelling format

Borderless Pay Database

Market Comparison Overview

Market Comparison Overview

Detailed Pay Analysis

Long Term Incentive Overview

Long Term Incentive Overview

Detailed Pay Analysis

Overall Borderless Competitiveness

Overall Borderless 100 Competitivenes
Borderless Pay Database

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